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Management Committee


Mrs Yue Yoke Mun


Vice Principal

Vice Principal

Ms Kong Su May


Mrs Tan - Chen Mei Chuen


Name Role Email
Mdm Yue Siew Poh  Year Head P1 - 2 yue_siew_poh@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Janice Yeo Year Head P3 - 4 yeo_hwei_hwei_janice@schools.gov.sg
Ms Tan Li Peng Asst. Year Head P3 - 4 tan_li_peng@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Wong Liang Min Year Head P5 - 6 wong_liang_min@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Lo Kaur Kheng Asst. Year Head P5 - 6 goh_kaur_kheng@schools.gov.sg
Mr Chia Chee Sheong Vincent  School Staff Developer chia_chee_sheong_vincent@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Luwena Goh Hui May HOD - English goh_hui_may_luwena@schools.gov.sg
Ms Pek Xueyan  Subject Head - English pek_xueyan@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Chiang Ying Ying Subject Head - English chiang_yingying@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Zairinah Subject Head - Social Studies & Partnership zairinah_faizal@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Joyce Ong  HOD - Mother Tongue   ong_lixiang_joyce@schools.gov.sg  
Mdm Yap Fang Ying  Subject Head - CL  yap_fang_ying@schools.gov.sg
Ms Chong Jieqi HOD - Math chong_jieqi@schools.gov.sg
Miss Shannalyn Ng Jia Yun Subject Head - Math shannalyn_ng@schools.gov.sg   
Ms Loo Ching Yee HOD - Science loo_ching_yee@schools.gov.sg
Ms Lim Sok Yen Subject Head - Science lim_sok_yen@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Guo Fengling Subject Head - Science guo_fengling@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Chong Mee Lan, Elaine HOD - GEP
(Languages and SS)    
Mr Phan Wai Mun HOD - GEP
(Math & Science)   
Mdm Chan Yuen Ling, Serene HOD - Aesthetics  chan_yuen_ling_serene@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Sharifah Maznah HOD - PE & CCA  sharifah_maznah_salim_bamasri@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Claresta Wong Subject Head - PE claresta_wong@schools.gov.sg
Ms Chiam Lee Lee HOD - ICT & Data Management chiam_lee_lee@schools.gov.sg
Mr Seah Nam Sin Subject Head - Data Management seah_nam_sin@schools.gov.sg
Ms Ang Kai Mei Subject Head -  ICT ang_kai_mei@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Woon Wei Yien, Jane HOD - Discipline, Guidance and Leadership woon_wei_yien_jane@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Goh E-Lynn Subject Head - Student Leadership (D) goh_e-lynn@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Wang Huiwen HOD - CCE  wang_huiwen@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Cassandra Quek Sock Cheng Subject Head - CCE (D) quek_sock_cheng@schools.gov.sg 
Ms Farhani  Subject Head - Student Well-Being (D)  noor_farhani_hanafi@schools.gov.sg