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Enriching Learning Experience

A fulfilling Learning Journey to Develop Knowledge, Skills and Disposition In every RGPS Girl

Enriching Learning

RGPS believes in using a repertoire of pedagogy that puts each pupil at the centre of learning. The various IP (Instructional Programmes) departments have applied a lens of learner-centeredness to their curriculum content by adopting various pedagogical strategies such as drama in English, games approach in Math, inquiry-based learning in Science and cooperative learning in Mother Tongue (MT) lessons to focus on pupil engagement and learning.

The pedagogy is further enhanced by leveraging Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to conduct lessons and encourage participation. The nature and delivery of ICT lessons not only encourage pupils to be independent learners but also allow learning to extend into cyberspace where groups of pupils collaborate by sharing information and providing feedback.

Developing Talents

The school believes in designing a rich experience of learning that stretches thinking to maximise pupils' potential. It adopts a talent development programme modelled after Renzulli’s Enrichment Triad model. This programme seeks to expose pupils to various topics, areas of interest and to further develop them in their talented areas.

Enrichment programmes in the academic subjects and non-academic subjects such as computer enrichment programmes are also conducted to enrich the pupils' learning in their areas of passion and aptitudes. The IRS (Individualised Research Study) continues to be a cornerstone in the GEP enriched curriculum where it offers pupils the opportunity to pursue a mini research on their personal interests.

Promoting Inquiry-Based Learning

The school encourages its pupils to make sense of the world by inquiry. Teachers will make a deliberate effort to encourage their pupils to seek information by questioning. The pupils are taught to pose questions and pursue them through open-ended investigations. The involvement in the learning process aids their understanding of concepts and ideas better. The inquiry-based learning is specially adopted by the Science department as its core pedagogy.

Integrating Learning

The school continues to introduce Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) to upper primary pupils. The project work ensures integration of subjects, knowledge and skills across disciplines. Customised integrated learning journeys are also introduced at different levels to allow pupils to break away from the compartmentalization of knowledge and see the connectedness between the various subjects to add value to their learning at RGPS.

Moulding Character and Disposition

Conscious efforts are made to incorporate character development lessons into both IP and non-IP subjects during curriculum time to inculcate good
values among the pupils. There is also infusion National Education into the learning experience to increase pupils' awareness of our multi-racial society in school initiated events such as NE Fridays.

The school seeks to enliven the learning content with real-world examples to prepare the learners for their work and life. Through the design of an authentic curriculum, pupils are presented with the complexities of real-life problems and projects which require them to see applications of the content that they have learnt. 

Creating a Conducive Environment

The school believes that the physical, social, affective and academic   environment needs to be conducive for pupils’ learning. It seeks to create a learning environment for learners to feel respected and accepted and where learning is the main focus. The school also pays attention to its infrastructure to support the delivery of holistic education. School facilities and spaces have been redesigned which include the indoor sports hall for various customised PE lessons. The school leverages on pupils’ work and other visual resources to form attractive displays in the various parts of the school. These have enhances the physical environment to be welcoming and conducive for learning.