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Brownies CCA members will have the opportunity to learn basic life skills and have a good knowledge about Singapore. Kindness and helpfulness are key values that will be instilled in every Brownie; this will be achieved by their involvement in fundraising activities, learning of skills and volunteer work.

Brownies will also get to learn other necessary skills through camps, field trips, fun activities and appropriate tasks or projects to help them acquire their proficiency badges.

Sixers / Seconds will be provided with ample opportunities to hone their leadership skills as they will be tasked to lead several teamwork-focused activities during the year. Brownies will learn to work well as a team to make decisions in their groups and engage in meaningful group discussions.

Levels of Pupils: P3 – P6 

Teachers in Charge

Mdm. Kavitha (I/C)
Mrs. Claudia Lee
Mdm Tan Chiew Nooi

CCA Schedule

Wednesday, 3 - 5 pm


Band Room (ISH)