Basketball is one of the popular sports CCA in RGPS. Through Basketball CCA, the pupils will learn fundamental basketball skills, physical conditioning, good sportsmanship, resilient and teamwork.

Pupils can participate in Basketball CCA from Primary 2 onwards where they will learn basic basketball skills in a fun way. As the pupils become more mature and their skills are more developed, they will learn the competitive aspect of the game.

Pupils who display potential will be identified for selection team training in Primary 3 and further developed in Primary 4. The selected pupils will be given opportunities to represent school in various competitions when they are in Primary 5 & 6.

Team Achievements

Competition Achievement

National Inter-School Basketball Championship 2019

Junior Girls’ – 1st in Qualifying Round

Junior Girls’ – 4th in First Tier Group

South Zone Inter-School Basketball Championship 2019

Senior Girls’ – 5th position

Training Schedule

P2/3 CCA Team: Thursday, 3pm to 5pm
P4/5/6 CCA Team: Monday, 3pm to 5pm
P4 Selection Team: Tuesday & Thursday, 3pm to 5pm
P5 School Team: Monday and Wednesday, 3pm to 5pm
P6 School Team: Monday and Thursday, 3pm to 5pm