String Ensemble

String Ensemble


RGPS's String Ensemble was established in 2006. It comprises of a group of dynamic pupils playing the violin, viola, cello and double bass. They are given the opportunity to perform and make music as a team. The members are committed in doing their best as a performing team.


Competition Achievement
SYF 2008 Gold
SYF 2010 Gold with honours
SYF 2012 Gold with honours
SYF 2014 Distinction
SYF 2016 Distinction
SYF 2018 Distinction

Level of Pupils

Primary 3 - Primary 6

Training Schedule & Venue

Monday & Thursday 3-5PM 

Music Room 5 (Violin and Viola Players)

Meeting Room 2 (Cello and Double Bass Players)

Teachers in Charge

Mdm Liu Chunyan (i/c)

Mdm Clara Chin Mee Nyuk (Assitant i/c)

Mdm Ang Geok Peng

Mdm Wirda