The RGPS Drama CCA Club provides its student-members with opportunities to perform in and outside the school. Our members master Drama skills and develop an appreciation for Drama through the weekly training sessions. The Club stages a play production every year at in-school performances (FANTASIA and Arts Fest). The cast staged Alice in Wonderland – Through the Looking Glass in 2018 and Fantastic Mr Fox in 2019. We will be doing a production on Charlotte’s Web in 2020. Do keep a look-out for that! Members attend theatre performances outside school annually too. Selected students take up leadership roles within the club as CCA Leaders. Every year, the Club nominates student-members for SOTA Junior Academy workshops/masterclasses and/or other Drama training workshops outside school. 

Teachers in Charge

Mrs Don Ying Ying 

Ms Shahedah Salim

Training Schedule

Every Tuesday, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Seminar Room

(There will be additional training sessions prior to performances)

Fees Payable