The Choir provides a platform for girls who love to sing and aims to provide age-appropriate vocal training. The Choir also brings children together to rehearse and perform art and folk music of multiple cultures, languages, historical periods, and styles.  Singing with the choir will give pupils a forum to work together to bring to life music of great beauty and to share this achievement with others. This process of ensemble music making cultivates our members' sense of responsibility, commitment, self-discipline, confidence, and poise, key ingredients for success in any field of endeavor. We encourage our students to appreciate high standards of artistic excellence and to cultivate a love of beauty that can enrich each individual's experience for a lifetime. 

Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in various school functions as well as concerts outside of school.  The Choir also aims to provide pupils with the experience of performing both locally and internationally where possible.  The Choir also takes part in the Singapore Youth Festival among other competitions.


Competition Achievement
Asia Cantate 2014 Gold C & Category Champion
SYF 2010 Gold
SYF 2012 Silver
SYF 2014 Distinction
SYF 2016 Distinction
SYF 2018 Distinction

Teachers in Charge

Mrs Amy Ng (Teacher-in-Charge)
Miss Lynette Seet
Mdm Bian Cheng Mei
Ms Eng Lik Boon
Mdm Lui Keet Mun

Practice Schedule

P3-P6 Choir Members
Monday and Wednesday 3pm – 5pm
Seminar Room
Pupils to gather along the corridor leading to the canteen at 2.45pm.

Fees Payable: Yes