Library Club


Fall down the rabbit hole into a literary wonderland with the Library Club.  We hope to reach out to P4 to P6 pupils who are avid readers, so that they can promote their love for reading and provide a service to the pupil population.

The roles & responsibilities of a student librarian include:

1)    Promoting the love of reading through Library Outreach Programme within the school and the community.
2)    Leading book donation drive benefitting children from a less developed country.
3)    Preparing for library activities and thematic book displays for Library Week  
4)    Performing library duties such as shelving of books

To adequately equip them, the student librarians will be trained in:

1) Doing thematic book display
2) Storytelling
3) Writing book recommendations
4) Doing book talks

Over the course of the year, the student librarians will develop their leadership, literary and presentation skills through an active promotion of reading activities.

Teachers in Charge

  • Mrs Jacqueline Seto
  • Mdm Wong Wei Yuan 

Training Schedule

Every Monday: 3 to 5pm