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School Rules and Regulations

All RGPS pupils are expected to abide by the school rules and to be well behaved at all times. 

All pupils must remember to: 
  • sing the National Anthem with enthusiasm and take the Pledge at Assembly, placing their right fist over their heart when saying the Pledge 
  • always be punctual, courteous, honest and helpful 
  • come to school neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed 
  • Other than a pair of simple ear studs, pupils are not allowed to wear any other jewellery 
  • keep simple and tidy hairstyles 
  • walk quietly within the school compound 
  • always keep the classroom and school clean 
  • take good care of their belongings and school property 
  • exercise self-discipline at all times 
  • stay in class and not leave the class unnecessarily especially during lessons 
  • stay in school and not leave the school premises without permission from their teacher 
  • queue to buy food and drinks and return all utensils to the basins provided and also observe table manners when eating 
  • not to bring expensive items to school e.g. mobile phones or portable MP3 players 
  • behave well in or outside the school so as not to dishonour the name of the school. 

As effective learning cannot take place without good discipline, please help us to inculcate good habits among our pupils by reinforcing our school values of Creativity, Graciousness, Gratitude, Integrity,  Responsibility and Resilience in school and at home.