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Principal's Message


When a new year dawns, we greet it with fresh hopes and dreams, dreams that the year ahead will be better than the one passed, dreams that we will be better persons this year than the last and many more.  But dreams remain as dreams if we do not intentionally do something to realise them. 

So our theme for 2018/2019 ‘MY PERSONAL BEST FOR THE COMMON GOOD’ is more than a rallying cry for all of us.  It is our goal for the next 2 years.  I hope each of us will give our best efforts in all that we do; each of us will put our best foot forward every day because we are capable of being the best that we can be;  each of us will  live up to the EXCELLENCE hallmark of the Raffles family of schools. 

And the best that we can be and the best that we can offer are for others, to make life better for others, to pay it forward.  This will build our community, our school, our nation and most of all, ourselves.  If we live our lives with a purpose and meaning, little though we are, we can change the world.  And I know RGPS is capable of this.  We fulfil our mission as a School that Nurtures Leaders of Character and Service when we choose to share with and serve people within and outside of the school.  And this will be your story, my story, our story and a legacy to those who come after us.

Have a meaningful year ahead.


Mrs Yue Yoke Mun