Art Club

Primary 2 to 6

The main objective of the art club is to inculcate and nurture the love of art. Through the various activities and projects, we also hope to develop our pupils to become creative and critical thinkers and leaders. The club aims to provide a wide range of crafts for our pupils to use as a platform to express themselves, as well as to learn to communicate effectively and responsibly.

Innovation is a vital 21st century skill and the club hopes to play a role in helping our pupils build the skill. By providing pupils with the opportunities to work collaboratively, we also hope to cultivate important values such as team work, respect and perseverance in our pupils.

Through art making, we hope our pupils will have a deeper appreciation and love for the world around them. 

Teacher in charge:
Ms Cheng Sok Mung (P2 – P3)
Ms Cassandra Quek (P4 – P6)

Training Schedule:
Wednesdays, 3pm – 5pm

Ms Art Rooms 2 and 3