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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

RGPS offers a suite of CCA that reinforces the school values – Learning, Creativity, Graciousness, Responsibility and Integrity in each pupil.


Sports & games instil integrity and cultivate graciousness; Uniform Group develops sense of responsibility; Performing Arts draw upon creativity and; Club and Society promotes learning. 


CCA is strongly encouraged for upper primary pupils (P4 to P6) and it is optional for lower primary pupils (P1 to P3).


From 2016, CCA will be conducted on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for P2 to P6 pupils. Please refer to the CCA schedule attached. 

CCA for P2


Concert Band



Table Tennis

Rhythmic Gymnastics


CCA for P3-P6

Sports & Games






Table Tennis 


Rhythmic Gymnastics 


Uniformed Group


Girls Brigade 


Performing Arts

 The Strings Ensemble


Modern Dance  

 Indian Dance


Chinese Dance

 Concert Band

Cultural Dance     


 Chess Club      Library Club#   Art & Craft Club  
 New Media Club# Enviro-Life science Club#   

*Netball CCA will not be offered in 2018

# only for P4 to P6 pupils