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School Family Education


School Family Education (SFE) is one of the recommendations of Family Matters! Singapore (Previously known as Public Education Committee on Family). RGPS has been on board this programme since 1 Apr 06.


SFE adopts a holistic family learning model to equip parents with effective parenting skills and train them to be parent facilitators. It also looks into helping school staff to enhance their family life, and providing students with life skills training.

The parent-child relationship has much impact on the child’s academic achievements and positive attitudes / behaviors, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/ racial background or parents’ education level. Hence, SFE aims to reinforce the bonding of every family through a series of initiatives.

Mission of SFE in RGPS:

For Parents to
• Better understand of their children
• Forge stronger parent-child (family) relationships
• Be a Family Life Education advocate and participate in parent support groups
For Students to
• Become socially adept individuals equipped with positive life skills
For School Staff to
• Anchor commitment to better performance because their personal needs are taken care of
For Schools to
• Present an ideal environment for learning and working
• Encourage cross collaboration with school staffs parents and pupils
• Foster Better parent-school relationship
• Develop happier staff
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